Quality Management System

IES Quality Policy

“To execute quality work at all times, in effective cost and within the minimum time period, ensuring that all activities are free from defect the first time.”

The management is forced to provide following terms of quality policy:-

  • Offering continuously high quality products & services.
  • On time delivery of services.
  • Continual improvement of our processes and systems.
  • Constant training of our personnel so that they meet customer’s expectations and exceed it.


The safety of our employees, and the public, is of the highest priority. It is our policy that our safety rules shall be strictly observed at all times. The management has always been showing keen interest on the safety policy. The management will thus be forced to provide some terms of safety policy.

  • Promote a positive attitude towards accident prevention.
  • Outlining the training and competence required preventing occupational hazards.
  • Establish and insist upon safe work practices and conditions.
  • Following safe work practices, preventing injury and ill health, and continually improving the effectiveness of system.

Greening & Sustainability

IES adopts and implements environmentally sensitive policies throughout its service provisions and project phases. Our business approach is to incorporate innovative solutions that address the challenges of maximizing a project’s productivity without increasing the cost to the environment.
The Greening of engineering today consists of an abundance of challenges, including reducing the cost of construction, operations and maintenance, while at the same time complying with stringent guidelines and increasing the project's productivity and sustainability. As a resourceful enterprise, IES has helped clients to achieve these seemingly conflicting objectives, thus rewarding them with higher returns on their investment.